Priyanka Natarajan



Friend. 3

English. 4

Food...... 5




I met my friend in school

In the grounds which was cool

I didnít notice her at first

But was the one to know her the best

We had some quarrels between us

But never allowed it to make a big fuss

Our friendship is like a bunch of flowers

And we spread the joy like flower

We studied together in 1st, 5th and 7th

And hoped that we would come together at 11th

Even if that true didnít come true

Our friendship always remains true




One of our main language is English

But what we speak is Tanglish

English is a beautiful language

And always helps in all ways

There are rules according to which English is to be spoken

But we toss out that rules as token

English makes our life high and mighty

If we read that language without being naughty




Food food food

You taste so good

What gives you this fabulous taste

Is preparing you without haste

Too much of anything is good for nothing

And without salt you are nothing

There are many varieties of you

But who taste those varieties are few

Some live to eat and some eat to live

But without you we cannot live